Task reminders and background refresh

I’ve currently got both IOS reminders and GoodTask giving me alerts, just till I decide which I’d rather see. What I’m finding is that if I postpone a reminder using the reminders app, the repeating alert keeps popping up on GoodTask. The only time this stops is if I open GoodTask on the iPhone to allow it to refresh with data from IOS reminders.
Is this normal behaviour? I already have background app refresh switched on for GoodTask.

Hi @Redtel, thanks for the feedback. Would you clarify below things?

  • How do you postpone a reminder using the reminders app?
  • What do you mean by repeating alerts coming in? What recurring option do you use?


I postpone a reminder on the reminders app either from the lock screen of the iPhone, or my Apple Watch. Both ways results in the same issue (if it is an issue)

By repeating alerts, I meant the auto snooze. So if I just ignore the GoodTask reminder, I will get another prompt 5 minutes later (I have set to every 5 minutes, 5 times) even if I snooze for an hour or a day on the reminders reminder alert.
I hope I’ve explained that correctly but let me know if you need further clarity.

OK. I see. Thanks for clarification.

Normally when you edit tasks from other apps such as Reminders, GoodTask needs to refresh its database to adjust its notifications.

'Background App Refresh' is ran by iOS automatically and it has its range between every 10 minutes and once per day. There is no guarantee of how often it'll run but if you use the app often, it'll run every 10 minutes at its best.

Even on this case, auto-snooze won't be cancelled if it doesn't run between the one and next notification that'll come in 5 minutes.

I hope it made sense. I recommend using GoodTask's notification if you like auto-snooze feature. If you prefer Reminders app's notification for its unique lock screen feature, you may turn off notifications for GoodTask including the auto-snooze ones.


Thanks for your help. That makes sense.
I actually prefer the persistent appearing in the lock screen of the IOS reminders app, but also like the auto snooze :man_shrugging:t2:
At least it’s clear now. Thanks

I don't like this and Apple should change this and give apps more options and control over background app refresh. I may mark a task complete on the iPad but my watch and phone bug me constantly until I open GoodTask so it can update its database. Bad move Apple.