Tasks disapearing and Security issue

For the past few weeks almost, on a daily basis, have to go to security and allow Good Task to have access to my reminders. Good Task is listed there with a check box so I have to uncheck and then recheck for Good task to work.

Secondly, tasks are now arbitrarily being removed, not deleted. They are just gone! I now write all my new tasks on a paper pad as well as enter into Good Task until this is resolved - kind of defeats the purpose!

I am on a mac running Big Sur and I only noticed this after upgrading to Big Sur,

Hi @gritterny, thanks for using GoodTask.

Normally permission should not change automatically. Try restarting the device and check. You may want to check if you have MDM installed which may bring weird behavior.

For tasks, you may want to cross check with default Reminders app to see if it's working properly.


This is still happening and now, no matter what I do, I cannot get my tasks back in either Good Task or Reminders on my Mac. Reminders on my phone seem to be complete. This is bad!

Hi @gritterny, are you using iCloud as database of Reminders? You might want to check your account status in default Settings app (and System Preferences on Mac).

If the issue persists, send me some screen recordings to contact@hahaint.com Thanks!

How do I verify where my Reminders database is? I also notice now that Reminders and my iphone and Mac are now in sync, but there are no Reminders in the iCloud Reminders App. Not sure how or why that happened. I also deleted good task for now and will reinstall once I understand what is happening.

To use iCloud Reminders list, you need to turn it on inside default Settings app. Go into Settings app - Your Name (on top) - iCloud and see if Reminders is turned on. You can also check accounts for Reminders that you use in default Settings app - Reminders.