Tasks not syncing

My activities are not syncing between my Goodtasks iPhone app and the desktop app. As evidence, the total number of tasks under "All lists" stands at 12 on the iPhone app and 10 on the desktop app. This is because I have cleared 2 tasks on the desktop app, which have not synced with the iPhone. (One of these I cleared yesterday, so it has been a while.) I have even pulled down on the list to trigger a sync on the phone app, and it remains the same. I am running the most recent versions of both apps: 6.0.3 on the phone and 6.1 (666) on the desktop.

Please advise.

Hi @YaYaTurre, thanks for using GoodTask.

If sync is not suddenly working, you may need to check below things.

  • First, open default Reminders app and see if data is properly shown there. If not, you may need to check your iCloud or account settings in default Settings app.
  • If data is properly syncing in Reminders app, try restarting GoodTask.
  • If recent data is not syncing on Reminders and GoodTask, it may be due to iCloud status. Try 'Refresh' inside GoodTask. (You can see it on more button on top right)


The data showed properly in the Reminders app on the phone. By properly, I mean it reflected the tasks that were shown in the Goodtasks phone app (but not the correct info from the Desktop app.) I did not check the Reminders desktop app.

Restarting GoodTask on the phone solved the problem i.e. the tasks synced and the phone app and desktop app showed the same info. However, the problem still remains when I initiate a new action: I just cleared a task on the desktop, and this has not been reflected on the phone app.

You may want to cross check with Reminders app and try refresh. Normally doing so triggers the action and works better afterwards. Thanks!