Tasks will not complete


Ever since ios 13.1 and Watch OS 6 there are reminders that will not complete on my watch. I can select them and select "completed" and they will go away until I enter the app and then go back to my home screen...then they are back. I have tried restarting the app on the watch and restarting the watch. Interestingly, the reminders are not on my phone either in GoodTask or the native Reminders app...just on the watch. Any ideas to get rid of these? They take up 2 out of 3 spots on my Apple Watch face's complication.




I have the exact same problem. I have not yet "upgraded" Reminders. I think my tasks on the watch with this problem were actually created on the watch after the IOS 13 and Watch OS 6 update, and they never did sync to my phone.

Anyone else with this problem and know of a solution?



Thanks for the feedback. I'm not aware of the issue yet.

Does this ghost tasks show on default Reminders app on Apple Watch?

It seems like some kind of watchOS issue..


Yes they did. In fact that is how I eventually got rid of them. I deleted them in the native app. I had forgotten them.


Reading database is possible but editing database is not available on watchOS yet. GoodTask on watch sends data to iPhone to edit/add/delete and since the data is only visible on watch, it seems like it couldn't be deleted.

I've sent feedback to Apple to let editing on watchOS directly but I guess it needs more time. :sweat_smile: