Templates overwritten in MacOS when syncing

After painstakingly creating a number of templates in the MacOS version of Goodtask, I realized I needed to turn on iCloud Drive on my Mac and iPhone to sync settings and preferences.

After turning iCloud drive on the iPhone and then the Mac, the templates in the MacOs version of GoodTask were completely overwritten and replaced with the templates on my iPhone.

I do have Backblaze installed and it was current when this overwrite happened, my question is: where is the file that contains the original templates in MacOS when iCloud Drive is NOT enabled, and is is possible to recover the templates from that file.

Hi @MrWage, thanks for using GoodTask.

Sorry to hear your situation. Normally when iCloud sync is not running, templates are saved in preferences file that's on below folder.

~/Library/Group Containers/U57829932E.group.hahainteractive.goodtask3/Library/Preferences/U57829932E.group.hahainteractive.goodtask3.plist

There is 'templates' array in that file. You can copy that array to others.plist file inside 'iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Settings' to use it on sync.

Hope you get it back. Thanks!

Worked like a charm!

Thanks so much