The date picker


A humble suggestion to change the date picker to calendar versions instead of the, imo, horrible ios "slot machine" version. I'm pretty sure I hate those. One of those things in ios where I go "how on earth..."


Of course, one of the good things about Goodtask is that you can pretty much avoid them by using text snippets and quick actions. But still... :slight_smile:


Yea I’d love if you could just replace it with a text field that translates any of the date based text snippets.


Yes, the text snippets are really awesome since I can also use my own language. They are great when you know the date but in some cases you want to have an overview which date to pick and then a calendar view is so much more intuitive. The scrolling slot machines aren't good in any situation if you ask me. To pick a date say several months ahead is a nightmare.


Yea I hear ya there. I honestly just keep hoping that Apple replaces it system wide with something better. This design is really long in the tooth.