The synchronisation between the MAC ans iOS

The Synchronisation between the MAC application and the iOS applications simply does not work!

But why?

Thanks for using GoodTask.

There are 2 types of sync. One is your data (Reminders lists and tasks) and the other is preferences including Smart Lists and Quick Actions. Check below.

  • Prerequisite for Syncing
    : All the devices need to use same iCloud account
    : iCloud settings for Reminders should be turned on

  • To check if sync is set properly
    : Open default Reminders app and check if it's working well

  • For Preferences syncing
    : iCloud Drive needs to be turned on
    : 'Auto Preferences Sync' option needs to be turned on inside app's settings for automatic sync
    : You can manually upload/download preferences too.
    : Preferences files are saved in 'iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Settings' which is used when sync runs or you choose 'Download'.

Lists should be 'iCloud' lists rather than 'On My Mac, On My iPhone' lists which are local.

Please check below website too for more info.

If all are set properly but data is not syncing, try 'Refresh' inside GoodTask. Also try adding a new task or editing on device that's not syncing could help.

Groups in default Reminders app is not available to 3rd party developers. GoodTask manages lists including smart lists and groups/spaces by its own. This data is shared through devices with 'Preferences Sync' mentioned above.