Theme sync


Is there a way to sync my themes between iOS devices? I've got a few on my phone but they're not on my iPad. I know I could re-install, but it's a pain!

Also, will theming make it's way to the macOS app at all?


Hi Hatticus, thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately there is no way to sync themes at the moment. I'll try to find a way on later updates.

Themes are not capable with current design on macOS. I've thought about this before but needs some re-design of the app to start with. Not sure if it'll come or not but it's on the list to consider. :slight_smile:



Sorry for hijacking the thread, but I’ve seen that all themes that i try on my iPad have the same color on the tool bar buttons (down where day, week, month is) no matter of the actual setting in the theme. This behavior does not occur on my iPhone. No big deal, but weird.


Hmm, would you give me some details? It works same as iPhone on test devices. Thanks!


sure, on this screenshot from my iPad i have the GoodTask 3 theme installed and as you can see, the color on the buttons is not the same. Actually it seems as if this blue color remains which ever theme i install. But right now I’m using a theme where those buttons should be blue so it’s not an issue for me but perhaps you want to look into it anyway.


Same theme on my iPhone.


Hi @BoEast, I figured out that this issue is related to 'Bold Text' option inside default Settings app - General - Accessibility.

It'll be fixed on next update. :slight_smile:


Cool! I have no idea how you figured that out but well done!

Yep!, Somehow I had that setting on my Ipad and now, with the setting off, it works as it should!

Great! Thanks!