Things 3 relapse …


OK, I have a confession; I reinstalled Things 3 for a day just because I like the “feel” of the app and particularly after not using it for a while, changing back to it often looks like a good idea. There is something with Things 3 that makes it so pleasant to use. I really don’t know what it is but there is a smoothness to it somehow. (I even installed Todoist (I have a premium subscription) again just to delete it after 5 min …. Lol)
Anyway … but after a day of using Things 3 I get this uneasy sense of not having an overview of my tasks. Somehow, I feel that I’m missing some of them (even though I know they will show up if there is a due date set). There is no easy way to see all of them, particularly if you have several areas (perhaps there is a way, but I haven’t found it).
With GT on the other hand, all this “sorting tasks into the right area” goes automatically with the smart lists sorted by tags. (I don’t think you can sort tasks by tags in Things 3 even though you can of course search for them). In GT, I basically don’t have to move them at all. I use only one list from iCloud reminders and sort tasks with tags instead and it’s so easy to have the tags as quick actions and, voilá, they all go into their separate lists automatically.
So this post was basically to vent how much I like GT and how easy it is to enter tasks, either with quick actions and text snippets or with Siri without having to use shortcuts or a particular unnatural phrasing.
On my personal wishlist (already submitted):
(1) Distinguishable settings for the “today” section.
(2) “Today” should always be the first day in the list under the calendar (now it might be an earlier day if there is a calendar event that started earlier. This is a bit confusing). This is connected to the first point.
(3) ….the date pickers …lol (change the iOS slot machines to calendar versions)
(4) square checkboxes instead of round ones to further separate tasks from calendar events.
All good! :blush:


Thanks for the feedback. I agree that Things is a great app. :slight_smile:

I'll keep on improving GoodTask to make it even better. Thanks!