Things to know about iOS 13 and macOS Catalina

Now the beta season is close to an end and the new OS's will start shipping from September 19th.

Current release schedule that Apple announced is below.

  • iOS 13 : September 19th
  • iOS 13.1 & iPadOS : September 24th
  • macOS Catalina : October

There are things that you need to be cautious about with the new OS update.

Data will not sync between devices using upgraded database and the ones before

When you update any of your device to the new OS and open Reminders app, it'll ask you if you will upgrade your database or not. If you choose to upgrade, the database will not sync with other devices that's on previous OS's.

If you're using multiple devices that needs to sync, defer upgrading database until all the devices can be on the new OS's.

Once you've upgraded the database, old one and the new one will be separated (duplicated) and the changes on the old one will not move on to the new one later.

Data on URL Field will go away

One another drawback on the new OS's is that URL field that used to work on previous OS will not work.

The data you may have kept on that field will go away. Next version of GoodTask (v4.8.3) will come soon to resolve this issue as below.

Edited : v4.8.3 is now released so you may update the app.

  • URL saved in existing tasks will be moved to notes field
    (Will run automatically in the beginning. Can be ran separately on Settings - Advanced. After this action is finished, all URLs will be copied to your clipboard for double backup purpose. You may copy it to other document to keep a separate backup.)

  • URL field will still exist like before and will crop URL from title or notes field (with option to select first/last in notes : Settings - Advanced) to make use of 'Open URL' feature

  • Saving a task with share sheet will save URL on notes field

About new features on the new Reminders app

Sad news is that no new API was released for the new Reminders app so GoodTask will have no direct access to the data that will be added on the new Reminders app. GoodTask has added a dedicated button inside a task at the bottom to open new Reminders app directly if you'd like to make use of the new Reminders app's features while using GoodTask. (Settings - Advanced - Show Reminders Button)

Future of GoodTask

Although there is no new APIs added at the moment, GoodTask itself is still very powerful like it has always been. It'll work just like before and will get continuous updates to get even better. There are many interesting plans and I hope GoodTask stays alongside with you while you get things done. Thanks! :wink:

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I for one will stay with Goodtask, best Task Manager out there!


After upgrading to iOS 13 it seems that my GoodTask got buggy. When I go to any of my lists (either smart list or reminders) my tasks are not shown. I have to tweak the view from “List” to “Day” or “Week” and come back again to see my tasks.

Hi @Mehdium, this seems like it's related to performance issue described on below entry.

I'll try to improve it soon. Thanks!

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Thank you, I greatly appreciate your responsiveness

Do I understand correctly that I have to decide to either use the new Reminders on iOS 13 / macOS Catalina OR GoodTask? Is that going to be remediated in future? Has Apple said they will release an API? How are other apps that have Reminders integrated (i.e. Fantastical) dealing with this?

Hi @dvdweyer, I think you're getting this wrong. GoodTask works on all iOS 12, 13 & macOS Catalina & before. The difference is whether data syncs or not. If you upgrade the database, iOS 13 & macOS Catalina will have separate database which works on Reminders app and GoodTask.


Gutted that I now cannot use Good task on my Mac until Catalina comes out. Any suggested work arounds from anybody, yes I know I can use my iPhone, anything on the Mac?

Hi @Derry4d, if you've already upgraded the database, there is no way except to run beta version of Mac Catalina. :sob:

Updated to the Catalina Beta, so can access the upgraded database. So far, Happy Bunny!

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OK, thanks for clarifying. I'll wait with updating the Reminders database until Catalina comes out. I want everything to work together, both GoodTask (and Reminders for the Siri integration) across all devices.