Thinking of moving over from Things3 - some questions

Hi there,

As said above, I'm toying with the idea of moving over from Things3, largely to take advantage of the Reminders base (so that I can share a list with my wife), Location targeting and smart lists.

But I have some questions as I've never really used Reminders and am obviously new to GoodTask:

  • Am I able to set up 'Areas' to categorise my actions into things like Home, Work, Family etc ... or do I need a separate list for each of those areas?
  • Once in those lists, can I set up projects? i.e an overall objective that has multiple actions in it such as a "Paint the Wall" project which might have the following actions in it (1. Measure Surface area, choose colour, buy paint etc)
  • Am I able to set up custom tags for my tasks?

Anything else I should know from anyone else who has made the jump?


Hi @MortimerJazz, thanks for trying out.

Underlying data that GoodTask uses is from Reminders app as you know. Each Reminders lists are shown as a list in GoodTask.

With those data, you can set up smart lists with various filters.

Tags in GoodTask is fetched from text that's written in Notes or Title field which makes it very flexible. You can use # or @ or just plain text to make tags throughout the app or per list. (setting tags will get a bit better on next 6.6.2 update)

For areas or projects, you can use it per list or use smart list to manage them. It's up to you to set up how you want to manage them.

You can set up subtasks per task which is simple checklist. For complex projects, it'll be better to make a dedicated list.

User guide will be added on next update too for more details. Thanks!


Thanks for the quick response - and the info, that’s really helpful!

So just a quick follow up from my side:

Am I right in thinking that I need to create the sub tasks within GoodTasks, because at the moment, the sub tasks I’ve created in reminders aren’t being recognised within the app? They’re just listed as individual tasks rather than being a part of a wider project.

Also, how often does the app sync with Reminders? Is there a way to force the sync?

And yeah, a guide would be really helpful. I’m just going through the settings and, it all looks really exciting but I’m not quite sure where to start!

Subtasks info used in default Reminders app is not given from Apple and it's recognized as other normal tasks in GoodTask. So if you need to put tasks under another task, you need to use subtask or make a dedicated list with tasks. You can tap '3-dot' more button inside a task (or long tap on a task) to make a new list easily.

Data is synced pretty frequently with the Reminders app so you won't need to run anything yourself. There is a 'Refresh' inside the menu but this is useful when Reminders data is not synced between devices.


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Just to add a user perspective to your original question, GoodTask is the first task management application I've found that I'm comfortable using for both my home tasks and work tasks. The real power of it is the flexibility: once you gain an understanding of smart lists, tags and sub-tasks, you can really set the app up to work as you want it to work. For instance, I have a Today smart list that shows me items due today or that I've tagged as #current or #today (regardless of their dates). I have a copy of this smart list called Today – Weekend which adds the tag #weekend to the search criteria and filters out work activities. All this takes a bit of learning to get just right, but it is very powerful.

I've found syncing with Reminders is seamless – another reason why I've moved from 2Do (home) and Omnifocus (work).

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