Time incorrect

Hi. I'm having a strange problem where the time is incorrect on my tasks. I create a reminder on my Mac at 9am and it shows up at 5am or sometimes 6am or sometimes 8am. (there's no pattern) Is anyone else experiencing this same issue? TIA!

Hi @lyleberman, thanks for the feedback.

  1. Are you using iCloud as data source of Reminders?
  2. Is this occurring only recently? Or was it happening all along?
  3. Is your time set for due date or alert?
  4. Is it showing wrong time on all your devices after added on Mac?
  5. How does it work when you add it on other device?


Thank you!!!

  1. Yes I'm using iCloud.
  2. Just recently oddly enough.
  3. Due Date with an alert.
  4. No, it's fine on my other devices.
  5. Works fine when added from GoodTask, only shows with the wrong time when added via Reminders on iOS or Mac.

Thanks for the details. Would you share some screenshots of the issue? Please send it to contact@hahaint.com