Today page not showing tasks after today

Hi, I was trying out GoodTask on my iPhone, iPad, and the free trial for Mac. I was playing around with the 'Random Tasks - Lists' to see if there was a particular list I would prefer to be shown. I decided to change it back to 'All Lists' and there are now no suggestions after the current date at all on any of my devices. Is there a way for this to be fixed? I really like the concept of the Today Page.

Hi @HelloMyNameIs, thanks for the feedback.

Random tasks show only tasks that doesn't have due dates.

I'll keep your feedback about it. Thanks!

Ahh ok! It was my misunderstanding then, thank you for responding so quickly. It would be really great if the the today page included task suggestions with a nearby due date (e.g. tomorrow). That way it can help people see if they want to work on it today or not.

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