“Today” Quick Action


I have a two part question.

I use the “today” quick action very often and also the +1Day. Both of these seem to default to 9am time. I’m wanting to change that time.

I’ve tried to edit the quick action in the settings but it doesn’t show up any time info at all to change. When I’ve clicked on a task that’s been set for today, it shows a date and time eachwith their own sliders but the time slider is grayed out so that I can’t turn it off (though I can manual change the time this way but it’s cumbersome to do with multiple tasks).

So, here are the two question parts:

  1. how do I change the time for existing quick actions since I can’t find any time based options in their quick action settings?

  2. I noticed that in Apples Reminders that it’s possible to set a day (like today) but without any time associated. Sort of like an “all day” or alternatively just not time specific. I can’t figure out how to do that in GT because even when I’ve tried to go into a task’s settings, as I mentioned above the date and time each have discreet sliders for on/off but the time sliders is grayed out so that it can’t be turned off. I’m hoping someone can help me learn how to setup a quick action today and +1 day without any time associated.

If it isn’t currently possibly in GT to set a date with no time, could this option please be added since Reminders already had it anyway? I’m hoping with it’s already possible and I just don’t know how to set it up yet. But alternatively, if it’s not yet possible in GT, I’m hoping that it might be easy to implement this feature since Reminders has this currently.

Thanks so much for any help! I appreciate it so much. Even though I’ve been using GT for a year or two, I know I’ve not even scratched the surface of its capabilities and I really want to learn more about how to better use the amazing features. :smile:

Hi @raeyn, thanks for the feedback.

  1. No Time tasks are already possible in GoodTask. While changing due date, you can change due date and alert. 'Time' slider is greyed out only on 'Alert' and it can be turned off for 'Due date'.

  2. You may want to check 'Settings - New Task' first before adjusting Quick Actions. You can set default due date and also 'Alert time' for no timed task and whether alert should be added or not. This will affect when you run Quick actions like 'Today' on undated task.

  3. For Quick Actions, you can run 'Today' action which will change due date to today. When you already have a due date and time, it'll change the date only. If not, it'll follow above 'New Task' settings. If you want to fix it to some time, you can add an action after 'Today'. It should be 'Due date' , Type: Time. If you want it to be 'No time', just choose 12:00AM.