Today widget displays completed tasks as overdue


Hello, I’ve been having a problem with the today widget on iPad for a few days now. I set up a smart list specifically to use with the widget, and it worked correctly until last weekend. Now, it shows the last two tasks I had in the list as overdue, even though I marked them as completed in the app, and I can’t do anything about it. I can’t mark them as complete in the widget; I tried removing and adding the widget again, with no luck; I tried deleting the list and making a new one, but it still shows those two tasks, even if they are nowhere to be seen in the app and the widget list itself doesn’t exist anymore. The weirdest thing is that I know it’s not just stuck, because the overdue days are displayed correctly. Also, it works fine on iPhone, both the app and the widget.

Thank you for your help.


Hi @Lorenzo_Urbano, thanks for using GoodTask.

It seems like a weird situation. Would you try changing lists inside 'Settings - Today Widget' and see how it goes?


I tried, and tried again just now, and the settings work perfectly fine on iPhone, but for some reason don’t work on the widget on iPad. I also tried remaking a new list for the widget and adding a task to it, but again, works on iPhone, not on iPad. The app also syncs perfectly, both tasks and settings, so I’m not sure where’s the problem.


Hmm, weird. Would you try restarting iPad and check how it goes?


All right, restarting iPad seems to have worked. I also tried creating a task with the widget parameters, and it showed correctly in the widget and I was able to mark it as completed in the widget itself.
Thank you for your help - I was sure I tried to restart iPad before, but I probably didn’t for some reason. And thank you for a honestly great app!

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