Today Widget Help Needed

On my phone, the good task today widget was at the bottom of my today view in a stack for some reason. I tried to drag that stack to the top but for some reason it would not move.

Next I removed the good task today widget from the stack.

Next I tried to add the good task today widget back to the today view, however I could not find it anywhere in the widget choices.

Question: how can I add the official good task today widget back into that today view on the phone? Also, will I be able to drag it to the top of that today view?

Hi @dealtek, thanks for the feedback.

Widget has changed in iOS 14 and previous legacy Today Widget is at the bottom of left screen like you mentioned.

There seems to be a bug where sometimes it goes away. If it's not shown on the page, try restarting the device and check again.

It might be better to get used to the new widget system though.


Hi - I did restart the devices but I do not see it anymore. do not need if I can use the new system

It might be better to get used to the new widget system though. - do you mean just creating widgets like we do in iOS 14?

BTW: all my good task widgets are still dark with no data... and seem to show a calendar even though I told it not to and just show plain list. Shall I just wait for an update - or is there something I can do at this end?

Also I have many completed tasks (that I do not need to see) - curious if they are getting in the way of the GT widgets working properly?

Oddly - for no apparent reason, now my widgets are showing up correctly !

the iPad was still on 6.32 but I see the iPhone auto update to 6.33

maybe the iPhone update fixed the iPad also?

There was a lot of edge cases and if you update the app to 6.3.4 on all devices, it should all work properly now. Thanks!