So with the latest update to iOS 14 I was looking around for apps with widgets and stumbled onto GoodTask. It’s fantastic and just what I needed in pretty much every way. The only real thing I’ve had a problem with was understanding what exactly the Today button did. There is no instruction on the help pages and pretty much everybody on the forums already talking about it seems to know exactly what it does, but as a brand new user, it really wasn’t clear what you’re doing as you scroll through selecting each of your tasks or why you’re given a blank box at the then to type into. It isn’t really all that clear that when it says “Name” it means your actual name, not the name of a task you’re planning.

Once I got my head around what it was doing I like the feature and the journal style notes field at the end, but a little more explanation for what it was and why a person might use it would help put off other new users, as anyone else might not bother with dedicating time to trial and error.

Hi @Gazzamm, thanks for the feedback.

Today page is made to give process to starting and ending the day. When starting, you go on multiple steps to prepare the day. And at the end, you close the day with some notes.

All steps can be turned on/off inside settings and can be used as you like.

I'm preparing improvements on this page which will come later on.

Hope you enjoy the app. Thanks!

I really am.
It really is a great way to help people focus on the day ahead and consider what they’ve actually achieved each day. It’s actually brilliant.

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