Totally blind using GoodTask on macOS. Possible bug, leaving date and time area when creating calendar events

Hi everyone hope you're doing well and staying safe. I'm totally blind running goodtask On the latest version of macOS Ventura on a M2 2023 MacBook Pro. I'm using the VoiceOver screen reader, I think I may have discovered a bug when creating calendar events. When creating a calendar event with VoiceOver I can enter the date and time area by pressing Ctrl option shift and down arrow I am able to adjust the date and time with the arrow keys and using control option left and right arrow to move between date and time categories. VoiceOver tells me the date and time area is a pop over and VoiceOver says "press escape to exit out of the popover " When I press escape I expect that I will be returned to the new event dialogue to finish off creating my calendar event, However when I press the escape key The new calendar event dialogue close is completely. When I'm in the pop over I expect that I will press Ctrl shift option up arrow to exit the popover however when I press Ctrl shift option up arrow nothing happens. Have I found a bug? Or am I doing something wrong? Thank you for taking the time to read this post everyone your help with this matter would be most welcome kind regards trey.

Hi @trey31, thanks for using GoodTask.

As you said, escape key closes the new event dialog completely. Would you try pressing 'Enter' instead and see how it goes when editing date? Thanks!

hi, thanks for your helpful suggestion, I did try pressing enter and it closed the popover however, I found this a little difficult. I will try it again and let you know how it goes. :slight_smile:

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Hi thank you very much for your help with this sorry for my late reply. After extensive testing I can give you some more information. Pressing enter when I'm in this area when VoiceOver is describing it as a "" pop over has no effect at all. Also when I navigate to the start date area and end date area whilst moving through the event creation dialogue when I get to these areas VoiceOver completely traps me and them. Also I can confirm the issue with the escape key is a bug related to VoiceOver, with VoiceOver on when I press the escape key to leave the date and time area as VoiceOver instructs the event creation dialogue completely closes. I expect that the date and time area would close, but that I would still be in the event creation dialogue. I hope this helps. Kind regards, trey.

Thanks for the details. As you said, escape key always closes the new event creation dialog. When you're editing date, please try using enter key to close the date editing part. Thanks!