Transforming Checklists: gt3[... -> [ ]



I really love that you have transformed the checklists within tasks from the Good Task related texts (gt3[) to a much more intuitive list, each item starting with [ ]. This way, these check lists also show in Outlook when syncing via Exchange.

However, Outlook seems to prefix these square brackets with a line brake and two blanks. After that, Good Task does not recognize the list in the notice field as a check list. Would you please enable Good Task recognizing this as check list?


Hi @TRq, thanks for the feedback. I'm not quite getting what you mean. Do you mean that Outlook server changes notes field text by itself?


yes, that‘s what I am experiencing


Hmm, I've checked with and some other sources and all are working well. Would you give me details and specifics to reproduce it on my side? Thanks!


I am working with Outlook 2016 software client using a hosted Exchange Service (I believe: the most recent version). I have included my exchange account on my iOS devices. This way Outlook’s tasks show up in iOS‘ reminders and in GoodTask.

I am using Checklists in GoodTask. In Outlook, they show up like:

[ ] Task 1
[ ] Task 2
[x] Task 3
[ ] Task 4

... which is great, since I now can read the checklists also in Outlook.

However, once in a while, when I open tasks in GoodTask, the checklist is gone (or only the last item in the checklist is shown) and instead the list shows up in the tasks notice field like this:

[ ] Task 1

[ ] Task 2

[x] Task 3

[ ] Task 4

(note that there are two blanks before the square brackets).


GoodTask reads notes field and changes '[ ] Title' and '[x] Title' as subtasks. Lines between them doesn't matter and it seems like something is adjusting your notes field to have 2 blank spaces which makes GoodTask to not read those subtasks properly.

I think this could be caused by something in Outlook server settings? I've previously seen some Outlook server changing " mark to different unicode mark but haven't seen adding blanks in front of a mark.


Could be. We host Exchange (Outlook Server) at a hosting provider. So I have no access to the systems settings. Also, I know very litte about Exchange. Hence I cannot give you any detail on this.


I'll check what I can do. :slight_smile:


Just now, it happened again. It happened after I chanced a task within Outlook. The task know shows in GoodTask as in the two pictures below. However, in Outlook, I do not see empty lines oder blanks before the brackets (see attached 3rd picture)


Next update will trim those whitespaces in front of brackets. Let's see how it goes after that. Thanks! :slight_smile: