Trouble setting default list

Good day community.

I’ve been a happy user of Goodtask for over a year now and had good success setting all the defaults as I wanted them. Originally I successfully set the default list for all new tasks to “Inbox” and would then move to the correct list, but realized I didn’t really want that as most tasks were in “Personal” list. So I deleted “Inbox” list and set the default list to be “Personal” (in Settings>New Task>[Default]List). As it happens “Personal” is also the first List in the list of Lists.

My difficulty is that all new tasks default to a different list (“House List”) which also happens to be the second List in the list of Lists.

I’ve read the manual, searched this forum, and done a general google search. I’m stumped. How do I set “Personal” as the default List?

Hi @jedwards, thanks for using GoodTask.

If you set default list, it should work when you make a new task. If you're in some other list, it may change according to 'Settings - New Task - Contextual' option.

If something is not working properly, check 'Settings - Lists & Calendars' and see if lists are shown there properly.

If nothing works, try 'Settings - Advanced - Reset calendar connection'. This will reset your lists and calendar settings. You may need to reset filters if needed.

Hope it works. Thanks!

Your suggestion didn’t work directly, but it had me consider some options and try something… it worked.

I was creating Tasks in a Smart List which shows my three main lists and hides others. I went to another Smart List (All Tasks) and created a Task… it worked fine. So I went back to my main Smart List, deleted the “House List” and then added it back. It now creates new Tasks in “Personal” as I set.

Thanks for the help. I really enjoy this app.

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