Trouble with widgets and shortcuts

ios 14.2 (do not want to update unless I have to)

GT latest

ios reboot both iphone8 and ipad pro - same issue on both devices

  • in good test I created a few simple smart lists with between 20 and 100 items

  • in short cuts, I created a simple shortcut using good task - View "my list" on List View

What seems to happen quite often is when I try to run the shortcut it seems to start okay and often get stuck in the middle and not be able to finish searching to display the list and will display and empty list result.

If I choose other good task lists (not smart lists) that are very simple with just a few items in there then they will run okay in shortcuts

But it appears that some of these smart lists that I've created are dragging things down and not completing with shortcuts

It is possible that I am doing something wrong so if so please let me know.


Hi @dealtek, thanks for the feedback.

View List shortcut shows up to 30 items. I've checked that it sometimes doesn't show list randomly. I'll take a look and will fix it on next update.


Happy Holidays!

Thanks for the response.

One thing that seems to help: If I start the shortcut with a small list - that works - and then the longer second list seems to show up.

Note: Basically the list I am trying to show is fairly simple

Scheduled = within three days
Overdue = inverted (excluded)
Schedule = today

Currently the results = 19 (well under the limit of 30 you mentioned)

The one complication that I can think of is that I do have a large number of old completed tasks that are not showing however might be part of the calculation equation stoppage.

Just passing this on.

Thanks Dave

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I noticed something else with widgets. On the iPad, I had created a stack that showed two different good task lists. One list was blank with zero entries. I added one entry in the good task app for that list which showed up fine in the app, yet the widget remains blank even 30 minutes later.

Q: How does the timing work for widgets as far as updates? Also, is there a way to force the update for the widget?

Hi @dealtek,

Widgets get refreshed when you go out of the app if there was any changes in data. It also refreshes if you go into Settings inside the app.

Other than that, it tries to refresh every 30 minutes or when data changes in Background App Refresh.

All these can be blocked by iOS though. I'll check and will make it more reliable on things that can be done on my side.

Shortcuts bug will be fixed on next update which is planned to come during next week.


Thanks so much for your quick reply!

Happy to say Shortcuts seem to be working now - THANKS!

For me with v 6.3.1 - my widgets are all dark and I am not seeing data and the calendar seems to be showing when I have it set to not show. Any ideas how to get this working?

Hi @dealtek, thanks for the feedback. There is a bug on current version for widgets when you have big backlog. It'll be fixed very soon on next update. I'm sorry about it. Thanks!

No problem. Thanks again for being so responsive. and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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