Trustd and tccd processes spike using Goodtask

I’ve noticed that the Mac processes trustd and tccd use a fair but of CPU for a few seconds every time I give Goodtask the focus, and every time I switch away from it. I haven't seen any other apps with this behaviour. Anyone else see this or have a workaround? I’ve seen it on my Mac Mini and Macbook Air, both running Sonoma 14.1.1.

Hi @Sddawson, thanks for the report. Would you try restarting the device and check if it's the same? Thanks!

Thank you for the quick reply. I have managed to recreate this with other apps now. For instance, starting the Maps app spikes those two processes as well. I use Clamxav anti-virus, and it seems as though turning off its "Sentry" mode (realtime scanner) eliminates the behaviour. I’ve contacted their support, and will report back with findings.