Turn Off Calendar on Widget Only


I would love to see a way to turn off the calendar view from the Widget on macOS & iOS. The calendar would still display in the app but would not show on the Today Widget, I personally like using the macOS & iOS default calendar widgets.


Hi. You can set up which list and view you’d like to see on widget inside Settings - Today Widget. If this is not what you mean, tell me back. Thanks!


That doesn't turn off the Calendar from displaying. That only let's me pick a list to display. The image below shows what I'm talking about. I want to have the option to not show the Calendar events on the widget only, they can still show inside of Goodtask but not on the widget because I use the default Calendar widget. I would be an option needed on both iOS & macOS.


In that case, you can make a dedicated smart list for the widget. On that smart list, choose ‘Calendars’ option to ‘None’ and it’ll be done. Thanks!


Worked perfectly, thank you...