Two finger swipe to select multiple items

Hi there! :wave: I had proposed this feature a long time ago via e-mail, but, since it has not been introduced, I am asking for it again. Please, please, :pray: add the two-finger swipe gesture to GoodTask. It, for me, is practically the only feature missing compared to the Apple’s Reminders app. It’s really, really handy. By swiping down with two fingers one is able to select multiple items in an instant. I know it’s possible in GoodTask through the „Bulk select” command, but it’s so much more cumbersome in GoodTask (also with the separate window that pops up). I select multiple items from the overdue ones on a daily basis. It’s really cumbersome to have to go through the multiple tap process in GoodTask as it is right now.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

Yes, well, that's what you always say. I have lost hope any future update of GoodTask is going to introduce anything actually helpful at this point.

GoodTask is a great app, with lots of potential, but I seem to always go back to Reminders. It bugs me how at the same time some things are so much more, and some so much less convenient than in the Reminders app. Also, while some new features are added (sadly, virtually none of them really apply to my workflow), some features, it seems, were abandoned. For example, to this day I have yet to find out what the purpose of the 'Today Page' is. I have tried adjusting it to my needs, but it seems the feature was supposed to be developed and just has not received enough attention.

But back to my original suggestion, if introducing a two-finger swipe is too complicated at the moment, please at least get rid of the pop-up window for the bulk item selection - it's an unnecessary additional step and when one frequently needs to edit multiple items - a real hassle.

Also, GoodTask already has the configurable 'Pulling Action' - maybe one of the options could be the 'Bulk Actions' - in this way, access to the bulk selection would be a lot smoother.

Anyway, it's good to incorporate useful and proven ideas - I still encourage you to introduce the Reminders-style two-finger swipe - it's so much faster.

Thanks for explaining with details. It's very much appreciated.

I get a lot of feedback and suggestions about the app and I keep them on a private document. I personally have plans and ideas about how the app should go too so it's a pretty big basket to handle.

From my point of view, the basics of the app is handled pretty well in current form and the usage pattern is mostly been fixed for the users. Of course it can be improved and things change so I'm keeping an eye on it all the time.

For bulk actions, I'm aware of the two finger swipe on Reminders app and some other apps and I agree that it is pretty good user interface that can handle multiple selections faster. Although I'm not actively changing GoodTask to get the gesture because comparing it with current form of using bulk actions does not dramatically change the usage but needs a lot of work.

Currently you can swipe left to bring up bulk action page and tap multiple tasks to handle and run quick actions right away. On Mac, you can just cmd-click or shift-click and right click to run quick actions.

Unlike Mac, I think there is no one answer to selecting items on touch device yet. If two finger swipe gets general attention as default gesture for multiple selection like cmd-click and shift-click, GoodTask will get it too.

I'll keep it on the list to consider and will see how things change though like I mentioned earlier. :wink:

About 'Today Page', it's like an add-on to the basics of the app (with Next, Reports, and Goal page). Thing about these pages is that there are users that use it so well although not all users use them frequently. If you have any feedback about the pages, feel free to let me know.

Thanks again for the feedback and I hope you don't lose hope. :slight_smile: But as always, the thing about these apps is that you need to actually get things done. It doesn't matter which app you use. Thanks!