Two missing features

Great application but I feel missing two key features. I found workarounds but should not have to. How far away are you with adding attachments as well as sending email as tasks? Any insight will help me make my decision about this product. The work you have done is fantastic. With the two features I mentioned you would really have a solid application. I need the features mention while working mobile. I should not have to be at a computer copying links. I appreciate any feedback.

Hi @David_Eshelman, thanks for the feedback.

Attachments are on the list to consider. Sending email is currently not. You may use some services like IFTTT or use share sheet on apps like Spark to add a task with default Reminders app. Using this will let you manage them on GoodTask too.


Thanks so much for the fast reply. This is working for me. I am now using GoodTask and truly enjoying the flexibility with the program. Mobile options rock!

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Fully agree with both points.

Everything else is perfect.

Just to add: I’ve had some issues with IFTTT sporadically not working. Just tried MS Power Automate (formerly MS Flow) and it seems to work more reliably. I can flag an email and within two minutes it shows up as a task. There’s quite a few options that can be configured (I am using a flag to copy an email into a task but I believe you can also set up other kinds of triggers).

I am using a MS account , not sure what other services are supported. I think it also works with Gmail.

If you wish to send emails to reminders, you can create a mail rule on your Mac that runs an AppleScript that creates a new reminder that links to the reminder email. This also handles the attachment portion, as you can add attachments to the email you send. It's not perfect but it's better than nothing.

I suspect the number of people who have an iPhone or iPad and a Windows laptop at work exceeds the number of Mac users...