Undated tasks not needed on Apple Watch app

I have two (always) undated lists that do not need to show up in TODAY on my Apple Watch, yet there they are. One is a Groceries list and the other a Where Is It? list. How do I keep these several tasks from appearing in the TODAY view? Thanks much for your help.

Hi @Photogenec, thanks for using GoodTask.

You can make a dedicated smart list to be used on Apple Watch. Check below.

  • Make a new list in iPhone with the tasks/lists you want to see on Apple Watch.
  • To select the list easily on Apple Watch, you may set it as 'Favorites' inside 'Settings - Favorites'
  • On Apple Watch, swipe to left page and select the list you've made

If you don't want to set it as Favorites, you can select 'All List' at the bottom and choose list and view.


Thanks for the swift response to my question. I created a Smart List Today Only, which does the trick. However, I still can't figure out why the Today list does not filter out undated tasks.

Hi @Photogenec, on the 'Edit List' page of the list, you can set option for 'Undated Tasks' to All, List Only or specific views.