URL scheme not available?


I'm currently trialing the Mac version of Goodtask. Something seems to be wrong with the URL scheme: links such as goodtask3://add?title=Title&list=to don't do anything (if clicked from another app, e.g. Obsidian). The Goodtask shortcuts in the Shortcuts app also don't work.

Trying to access the API using x-callback results in the following error: "Shortcuts could not open the app for the URL scheme “goodtask3” because the app is not installed on this device".

So all in all it seems the Goodtask URL scheme isn't available for one reason or another.

I'm on the latest Goodtask, on Monterey with an M2 Macbook Air.

Hi @wriggle, thanks for using GoodTask. It seems like something is wrong on your device. Try restarting the device and if the issue persists, try running URL scheme on Safari (i.e goodtask3://openadd) and see how it goes.


Is this not because @wriggle is using the Trial version and as mentioned in the Readme:

  • Trial version does not include 'Widget' extension, 'Shortcuts' app support, 'Share' extension, 'Handoff' with iOS Devices and 'Maps' function on location-based tasks. Also URL Schemes will not work on this version. These are available on Mac App Store version only.
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Oh yes, you're right. I missed the point. Thanks, @mdbraber !