Use native groups, subtasks, icons from Reminders

I'm just trying the app now and want to use it alongside Reminders app; this was a key feature that I was looking for - a more featured task app that doesn't store it's own separate database of details.

Shortly into the trial I realized you must've developed many features before Apple did, which is great but unfortunately now their incompatible.

  1. Subtasks that are true tasks in
  2. Groups synced with Reminders groups
  3. List icons synced with Reminders icons

With Smart lists, I understand that you can't use native ones with Reminders app because you have additional functionality like "tomorrow" / "yesterday" smart list filters which I do really like.

Another feature request: ability to show a count of completed for my "Completed" smart lists which currently just show "0" all the time, and option to show count of open / completed count.

I realize these requests aren't quick and would require a migration upon installation, but as a developer myself I'm sure there is a path to resolve - unless Apple just disallows access to that new information which would be pretty awful of them. I'm assuming you've slowed dev & releases because Apple is making their tool more functional... unfortunate that they do things like that, but here we are.

Without native subtasks, I probably won't pay for the iOS & Mac apps after the trial, but let me know if you're working on it!


Thanks for the feedback.

You can set option in Appearance - Lists - Show completed count to see completed count alongside.

As you may expected, all the info you’ve mentioned is not opened and accessible which makes it impossible to support at the moment.

I’ve submitted the feedback to Apple and will see how things go.