Using Siri to Create New Task with Priority and Repeats


I am wondering if I can use Siri to create new task with Priority

I create most of my Apple Reminders using Siri and generally say something like:

"remind me in one hour to mow the lawn"
"remind me at 5 o'clock PM to go shopping"

"add vegetables to food list"


REPEATS WORK - WOW - I just tried this:

"remind me every other week to go shopping"
And it worked! I never tried adding the repeat in the Siri sentence - "silly me"

So now I would like to know if there are special words for Priority also...

I am wondering if with just using Siri if I can have special extra words such as adding hi priority - and have that get translated into reminder functions.

Or if I go directly into good task using Siri - Will that allow me to get priority function working with Siri?

Q: if so– how would that work?


Thanks for the feedback.

It seems like there is no way to add priority with Siri. Couldn't find any relative info on the web.

Maybe one way would be using Siri shortcuts but I don't see it as useful as using normal commands. :disappointed_relieved: