Using Siri with tags

I’m sure you all already know this but I realized it’s super easy to add tasks to different smart lists automatically with Siri since it is possible to simply say “hashtag + filter”. E.g. let’s say you want to have a grocery shopping list called Shopping list (or whatever) then you can simply say to Siri “Remind me to buy bananas hashtag food” and voila´, bananas is added to the list that is filtered with the tag “food”). Sure, you will have the tag in the title, but it works. YOu can do this with any tag and in any way that is suitable for you. (I use it for “areas” like hashtag + private, hashtag + work, etc and they automatically go into the corresponding smart lists. ) So this tip was to emphasize that you can SAY “hashtag” when using Siri to add tasks. Obviously I already have the tags as quick actions. :slight_smile: