Watch app seems very slow, sync delays

I use GoodTask on my Mac, iPad, iPhone, and the most recent addition: an Apple Watch. Unfortunately GT is too slow to be useful on my watch. When I check off an item in the watch app, it doesn't disappear from the list until I swipe right to the other screen, wait a few seconds, and then swipe back to the list. Then sometimes it takes even longer for watch face complications and widgets to sync. Completing a task from a notification also takes a long time to get in sync. In general, it seems like I have to trigger a manual sync on the watch app every time anything changes in GT. My other devices all work well together.

Hi @Redaxel, thanks for the feedback.

Currently Apple is not opening up editing part of Reminders app API on watchOS so the app needs to connect to iPhone to get the work done. This makes most of the sync process slow.

I'll keep your feedback and will keep an eye on how things change.


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