Watch Sync not so accurate

I’ve got some issues with syncing
If I complete a task form my Watch, it still auto snooze as the task completed onto the Watch Is still on my IPhone X🅂 or iPad Pro.
All devices running the last iOS or watchOS and I’m using the last version from GoodTask.
Is it because I set notifications to persistent?
Any help please?
Thanks a lot!!!

Hi @BrunodeMalaisie, thanks for the feedback.

Normally it should work well if devices are connected well but there could be situations that it may not work properly.

Main reason is that Apple Watch cannot edit Reminders data directly and it needs to communicate with iPhone to make changes.

As you complete a task on watch, it'll send data to iPhone. When iPhone gets the data, it will make changes and refresh notification status.

If something gets in between and cause lags, things like auto snooze may happen if notification status is not refreshed.