Watch “uncompletes” completed actions

When a check a task as “completed” in the watch, it automatically deletes the tick, so the task appears as I completed again and again. Sometimes it appears as completed in the iPhone, sometimes as uncompleted. This makes the app rather useless, as you can’t be sure if the tasks that appear as ‘to do’ are already done or not.

Hi @Agosto, thanks for the feedback. GoodTask on Apple Watch fetches data from Reminders database right from the watch. But when you run an action, it communicates with iPhone app since it's not allowed for 3rd party apps to edit the data on watch directly at the moment.

If you have a big database or have some weird conditions, Reminders database may not get updated right away on the watch which may result in weird situations. You can cross check with Reminders app on the watch and iPhone.

Mostly the actions given on the watch should be completed and should be checked on the iPhone app. I'll try to improve this on my side too if possible.


Thanks a lot for your answer!