Way to sync all settings from another iPad?


I have iPhone and iPad Pro and they are syncing just fine. I have an old iPad Air in my shop and its list order, settings, list sort orders, etc. aren’t syncing. I go into settings and select prefs sync and neither Download or Use Current do anything. Is there a way to get all settings from one iPad to another?


Hi @msuiter, thanks for using GoodTask.

You need to check if you have same iCloud account logged in on your devices. Also 'iCloud Drive' needs to be turned on.

After it's all set, you will be able to use 'Auto Pref Sync' and 'Manage Preferences' option to manually upload/download.



Thanks I didn’t know about Sync Preferences at the bottom. Does Import from GoodTask 2 reset to default GoodTask settings?


No, that's only useful for previous version users. :slight_smile: