Week and month view

Hi. I see in the online documentation, on the week and month view it says the following: “ Also if you tap a date, you'll be scrolled to that date and it'll be selected.” I’m probably doing something wrong, but when I tap on a date, nothing happens and the list below stays exactly the same (even if it is a list that has months of reminders - ie. All lists). Maybe I'm misunderstanding what it is supposed to do. Would be great if it scrolled to the selected day though. Thanks.

EDIT: No worries. Figured it out. List needs to be sorted on due date only to work. Makes sense. Thanks.

The behavior I have is that it scrolls to days that have tasks/events. Days without tasks/events are not shown at all in the list so there is nothing to scroll to.

@BoEast Yes, I see that now. Also, my sort options were setup to not display in chronological order, hence why they were not doing what I was expecting. Changed that to sort on due date, and all working now. Thank you.

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