Week view, filter by selected date?

What I would like:

The Week list view
Where each square date button (in the list header section) filters tasks for that selected day

Currently, the week view shows tasks for the entire week (and clicking the date simply scrolls the list)

What I've tried:

  • adding a filter to the smart list for 'today'.
  • problem: then future days will be empty

I specifically love the week view UI, because:

  1. I can drag tasks onto the square date button to reschedule them
  2. I can quickly switch to a future day this week

Basically, I want these square date buttons to be date filter controls

But currently, these buttons seem to be simply 'scroll to section' buttons

Thanks for the feedback. I understand your needs but currently you need to select 'Day' view to check tasks for the selected date only. You can select the date and then move to day view or swipe top calendar area on day view to move between dates.

I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!

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@GoodTask no problem, thanks for always being responsive, and for understanding the need! I'll use the day button for now.