Weekend repeat for Saturday and Sunday

I’ve been trying to create a repeating task (containing subtasks) with start date on Saturday and due date on Sunday. I create it using Custom option for the dates, but GoodTask reassigns it as “Weekends” as soon as I save the task entry. That would be okay except that upon the next weekend’s repeat, GoodTask has the start on Friday and due on Saturday; it moved up a day.

No matter what I change, continues to change the repeat task as Weekend Friday and Saturday instead of my desired Saturday and Sunday (which I consider to be the weekend).

Hi @pairof9s, thanks for the feedback.

If you choose Saturday and Sunday as repeat options, it'll try to add them on both days. I assume you want to do that task once per week. Try choosing 'Every Week' for repeat option and it should do the job.


That option would be good if I were having the identical task done on a Saturday and a Sunday each week; but this is having a task that starts on Saturday and finishes (due) on Sunday then have it repeat the next week once completed.

Actually it's the opposite. If you choose Saturday and Sunday, it would be for tasks to be repeated once in Saturday and once in Sunday. If you choose every week, it’ll repeat once per week with the start date and due date set as Saturday and Sunday. You may try it out.


Final follow-up: that approach does indeed work for this situation. It starts on Saturday and completes on Sunday, then repeats itself to the next Saturday/Sunday. Thanks!

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