What does the #Later tag do?

Hi! I'm trying to figure out what the #Later tag does...

What does #Later mean conceptually?
Does it get automatically applied somehow?
If I tag something #Later, what happens to it?
What is the #Later automation?
What does turning on the automations mean anyway?

Thank you!

Hi @debryc, thanks for using GoodTask.

I think you may want to check tags in GoodTask generally.

You can utilize Quick Actions and Smart Lists to manage tags.

Quick Actions : You can use 'Tag' or 'Switch' Quick Actions to add/remove/switch between tags.
Smart Lists : You can filter 'Text' to see the tasks with certain tags only.

You can also have tags as option on 'Sort Options'. This will sort the tasks with tags that you select.

You can refer to below video for more details about tags.

Automation is a process that runs daily (or by other recurring options) to minimize the effort of doing things you may do manually. You may check below post.



Hello, I know how tags work and have created several myself. My question is about the #Later tag in particular. As it comes default, it is intended to be used for something, correct? If so, what? How are other people using #Later?

It's just an example. Doesn't have any particular feature around it. As you said, other people may use it by their own needs though. One may use it to gather tasks to do later rather than adjusting due date. May also use automation to remove overdue tasks' due date and add #later tag to do it later.


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