What does your GT look like?

I thought it would be fun to see what theme y'all are using. Perhaps there is a look that would enhance the experience even further.

Here is my look. I prefer a clean and uncluttered UI.

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Nice. Gave me some ideas :slight_smile: thanks.

Very nice !
How did you manage to hide the default icons in the list view ?

You can do that under Settings > Appearance > Lists

Edit: And if you want the list colors to "disappear" from the left side, just set the list color to the same as the background.

Problem is if you change the list colour the text becomes white as well.

Some of these lists on the Home Screen are smart lists that just pickup the contents of the actual reminder list but have their colour set to black.

Also the icon colours are set to white on a white background. This is done through the edit list function.

I miswrote. As you correctly say, I was also referring to the icon color in the "Edit list" setting. :slight_smile: