What is "+5 Minutes" and others like them?

I'm actually looking to select a "Duration" (how long it should take to complete the new task I'm creating). I'm not sure if I should select these preset (+5 Minutes, +30 Minutes, etc.) options, or create my own (for example, one for "< 5 Minutes" - for a task that takes under 5 min to complete. Thanks!

Hi @9_mile_skid, thanks for using GoodTask.

'+5 Minutes' Quick action is 'Relative due date' adjusting action. It'll add 5 minutes to existing due date. Since GoodTask is based on Reminders database, it's focused on due date rather than start date.


Thank you for the quick reply... and one quick follow-up question then:

Can I delete that one then (in hopes of saving some space in the Quick Edit window, because I doubt I'll ever find adding 5 minutes to a a due date. I.E., adding 5 minutes to a due date for midnight.... to 12:05am.... is not something I will ever use. So my question is:

Can I delete these things safely, and if I did decide I'd like it back, is there a way to restore the default settings? Thanks again!

You can edit quick actions inside 'Settings - Quick Actions' page. Each quick action consists multiple actions. If you play around with it, you'll get to know how it works. There is no direct way to restore to default settings but you can always export (share) existing quick action via URL and run it to add it back. Thanks!

Thank you. How would I go about "...export (share) existing quick action via URL and run it to add it back."

When you choose a quick action, you'll see 'Share' option. It is a text such as goodtask3://qa?....... which is a url scheme that can be opened in Safari. When you open it up in safari, it'll be added in GoodTask.