When editing the title of a task, changes are not adopted


my tasks are often changing, so im chaining the title of a task quite often. Unfortunately, in the current version the changes are not adopted, when I close the task.

Hi, @TRq, thanks for using GoodTask. Would you let me know more details including device, OS and steps to reproduce the bug? Thanks!

MacBook Pro, macOS 10.15.7. Change the Titel of an existing task and klick on the button to minimize

Finishing editing with something like pressing enter should trigger the saving. I’ll check. Thanks!

Yes, you are right. However, I do not find this intuitive. Changes should be saved when closing / minimizing the Task (is it is the case with changes in priority, dates, notes, subtasks ...)

Thanks for the details. I've checked that title doesn't save when task window is closed manually. It'll save with enter or escape key. I'll fix it on next update which will come very soon. Thanks!