Why no attachments in non-iOS Reminders lists?

Since GoodTask is using it's own attachment database, why are attachments only limited to the iOS Reminders accounts ? Are there any specific limitations to having them in, say, Outlook tasks synced via Reminders ?

Hi @Wanderling, thanks for the feedback.

All features that's unique in GoodTask such as attachments or recurrence options work for iCloud or local database only. This is due to identifiers that Reminders gives. Identifiers for Exchange tasks doesn't sync through devices which may cause confusion. Hope you understand.


OK, thank you !

A workaround could be to embed GoodTask specific ID in Notes, as the last line. While not too elegant, it would be better than nothing. I believe a lot of GoodTask users are also syncing with Exchange, at least for work accounts.

Just a suggestion...

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