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Hi, how can I get the widgets with the activity count like the one selected by the red arrow thanks.
In my preferences I find only the one with the check mark in the photo selected with the green arrow.

Hi @ebruns, thanks for using GoodTask. If you have no items left, it'll show you the checkmark like your screenshot. You can select which list/view and what to include in counts while setting the widget.

To set the settings for the widget, go into the page where you add the widget and tap the widget after it's added. (Some says double tap is needed)


IOS 16 lock screen, it doesn't matter what items are selected in the widget when I click on it takes me to the main list screen. I have tried all options with no luck.
Maybe I'm doing something wrong and need some help

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You have to configure the widget, double click then enter the settings is from the list and the view you want to open.


Thank for the reply, I have tried all different options but when I click on the lock screen widget it only opens the goodtask app list and not a specific smart list

It's OK now I've just worked it out

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So how did you do it?

The example is in Italian and doesn’t match up with anything.

Hi @BCMayes, thanks for using GoodTask.

On the settings screen, you can select list and view. Tapping widget will open that list and view. You can also specify 'Open view' if you want to open different view from the view widget shows.