Widgets, watch and ios17 standby


I’m using a widget with the smart list today selected. In the app this shows calendars but in the widget the calendar still shows, despite turning it off. I just want to see what’s next today. This is therefore the same in standby however I have a clever calendar that updates every 5 minutes with urgent data. When I sleep it would be handy to have this up in the GoodTask widget as well as add new task. But I don’t want to see tasks in the night.

Is this possible to do all of these things?

On the watch again I just want to see today list and add task but it shows too many lists? How can I simplify?

Thank you

Hi @Themikeyd, thanks for using GoodTask.

I recommend using 3 different smart lists for your needs.

  1. The one you’re already using.
  2. The one identical to 1 but only shows tasks (Edit list - Calendars: None)
  3. The one identical to 1 but only shows events (Edit list - Lists: None)

For 3, you can set up filter as Scheduled: within 52 weeks to see calendar events for a year on list view.

By using 3 different lists, I think it’ll achieve what you need in each moments.


Thank you this works except the ability to add task in standby mode. It shows calendar (or task if selected) but you have to choose between which widget you want. Is it possible for both?

I recommend using 'Favorites' widget on Standby if you want to add a new task with a button. Since Standby shows small widget only, it doesn't contain + button like bigger ones. Favorites widget can be much more customizable to bring up the adding page with presets so it'll be much better. Thanks!

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Thank you. One more question please. On the watch large modular complication I show a calendar event effectively as a note,it’s a workaround for no notes app. It shows me some variable data about my work day. I appreciate its not the goal of good task however it’s a great workaround. However, there’s 3 lines of text available but due to the date and the coloured line I only get 1 line. I see that if I was displaying tasks I could get rid of the date and line and have 3 tasks. Is there a way at the moment to expand the calendar to better use the complication?

Would you check 'Settings - Apple Watch - Modular (Rectangle)' option? If you set it to 3 items - no dates, it should show title only. Thanks!

Yes this does only show the title but it’s limited to 1 line. So if I add text to the title it fills the first line and the rest is off screen whilst the next 2 lines of screen real estate are blank. My work around for a workaround is to add the title over 2/3 events but this isn’t ideal.
Thank you for the quick reply