Working with Subtasks

Hi I'm working on a number of projects for each of my dozen or more clients. I wanted to have a task for the client and place subtasks for them. It appears that subtasks are limited in the size of the information allowed to be entered. For example if I paste someone's contact info into the subtask, it only loads a portion and puts the remainder in the notes field.

I would like to avoid having to create a hashtag for every client as I like to see my entire "today" list together. Is that the only way to work around this? Thanks for Good Task, it's the first to to list that I have stuck with for years and I am a serial "what's better" guy. Thanks

Hi @Kipstix, thanks for using GoodTask.

If you have many info needed to store under the task, it's not recommended to use the subtasks in GoodTask. Subtasks are simple checklist with a line of text so it would not work well.

I recommend using a list per client in your case. It'll make things much simpler.