[YouTube Video Tutorials]

Below are video tutorials made for GoodTask. I'll keep on updating the list.

You may go directly to YouTube to search through timestamps and watch only the places you need.

How to add on iOS:

How to add new task on Mac:

Basic Interface:

Smart Lists:

Quick Actions:

Next and Reports Page:

Inside List:

Task Detail Page:

Sort Options:

Tags in GoodTask:

Themes on iOS:

General Settings:

Lists & Calendars Settings:

Appearance Settings:

Preferences Sync:

Apple Watch:



Today Page:

I tried to leave this comment on YouTube, but for whatever reason it did not get posted. If I could make a suggestion for the videos, some people (myself included) have reduced selective auditory attention, or in simple terms, it is difficult focus on certain sounds while there are other sounds in the background. In my case, having two people talk to me at once makes it sound the same as if Iā€™m in a crowded room of people talking.

If you could experiment with reducing the volume of the background music in the videos, or eliminate it entirely, it would be helpful to some of your followers to focus on what you are explaining. Thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback @GregJones. I'll keep that in mind! :slight_smile:

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