Always show completed items on specific reminders (non-smart) lists

Hi. Is it possible to set a normal reminders list to always show completed tasks?

I know about the button in the toolbar, but I have a few lists where I always want to show completed tasks, while in most lists I don't want to show them. It would be helpful to not need to use the toolbar button.

I've also seen how to do this with smart lists (Show Completed Task in Particular List), but I don't necessarily want to set up a smart list for each of these few lists either.

Would it be possible to make this an option when creating a custom Task Display setting? If not, using the toolbar button is still easy enough. :slight_smile:

Hi @mbamitsu, thanks for the feedback.

As you said, if you add 'Completed' filter on smart lists, it'll work as you're expecting. Other than that, using CMD-Y to toggle would be a solution.

I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!

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