Calendars not showing up in calendar options in ios


Some of my calendars have since disappeared from the calendar options in the iOS app. They were previously there but have since disappeared


This seems to be intermittent. Sometimes the calendar will show up then it will disappear. This is incredibly frustrating and making the app useless for me


Hi Drifter565, do you use MDM on your device? It seems like there is an iOS bug when you have MDM installed. From iOS 12, normally calendars that is managed by MDM is not shown on 3rd party dev apps. You can refer to below link.

If this is not the case, tell me back with details. Thanks!


Yep this is the case which is frustrating. I’ll try to work with admins to see if an exception can be made but this is unlikely. Due to this the app keeps freezing when trying to access the calendar data, I need the mdm account on my phone for obvious reasons. Is there a way to stop goodtask from trying to get this data? If this doesn’t get resolve do you offer refunds for the app?


I've reported Apple about this on bug reporter but I don't know if they'll fix it or not. There is nothing I can do at the moment. You can ask Apple if you need a refund. They'll get it done for you. Thanks!


Definetly appreciate the rapid response and amazing support!! Hoping this gets solved soon :slight_smile: