Confirming Goodtask Doesn't Work on High Sierra (OS 10.13)


So my 713 Goodtasks (I use it like Evernote and save URLs and To Read lists etc) weren't syncing between my devices (iPhone 7 iOS 13.2, iPad iOS 13.1.3 and iMac 2010 OS 10.13 High Sierra) so I opened Reminders as recommended and that seemed to help. Then today, I got this on my iMac:

The help topics says:

I'm just confirming that the Goodtask app on the iMac is never going to work again because I'm not going to be able to upgrade to OS 13 until I can afford a new computer?

Edited to add: This is what Goodtask looks like on my phone:


Hi @Melissa_Morrow, thanks for using GoodTask.

As described on below post, if you upgrade database on iOS 13, it won't sync with previous iOS versions and macOS versions. That means upgraded database only works on iOS 13 and macOS Catalina.

Existing database will sync by themselves but you can't go back to make it work between latest OS's and previous ones.

The solutions you can take to make your devices sync are below 2.

  1. Make a new iCloud account on pre-iOS13 device and do not upgrade the database on iOS 13. By doing this, you can sync data between pre iOS 13 devices and iOS 13 devices. This will not let you use new Reminders app features on iOS 13 devices but if sync matters, this will be better. Although if you have already upgraded the database, there is no way to go back. That's why you need to make a new account and that might be a hassle.

  2. Use or other CalDAV server as database for Reminders. You can connect account to Reminders app on default Settings app - Passwords and Accounts and it'll work on all devices including GoodTask.



So your answer is "No, Melissa, GoodTask will never work on Mac OS 10.13 again." Thanks! Going to have to find something else. Super sad because 1.) I have 713 things I'm going to have to somehow move (many with URLs and notes and sublists) and 2.) because I loved GoodTask with a passion. UGH. But syncing is important.

I guess no refund either since it is my fault that I can't afford a new computer?



I guess there is no one to blame. Tech moves on and following the latest in one part (iOS) needs others to follow too. You may ask Apple for a refund if you'd like. I'll keep on improving the app on my side. :slight_smile:



Thank you so much for a lovely product. I know how impossible it is to design across all possible OSs. If I had income right now, it would totally be worth it to buy a new iMac just so I could use GoodTask. I mean it. Best wishes to you.

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Melissa, you know that this is an Apple decision and not a GoodTask design issue, yes? It’s Apple that has made (optional) changes to the database in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina that unfortunately make it incompatible with prior versions of iOS and macOS. If you had not updated Reminders to the new database format, GoodTask would have worked fine on iOS 13 and High Sierra.


Greg, I do know. However, I need to sync because I have a couple of different workstations and also need my grocery list on my phone. That is why I foolishly and desperately tried the "opening reminders on iPhone" trick. I didn't see the warning that I could never go back. :frowning:

I had thought I had found a workaround that would enable me to continue to use GoodTask until I get a new iMac: just add tasks in Reminders on when I'm on the computer (it's awkward for me to have to pick up my phone to add a task because I have to change glasses) and then later organize them in GoodTask on the phone or iPad. But GoodTask still isn't syncing with Reminders for me. SIGH.