GoodTask v6.3 Release Note

GoodTask v6.3 is rolling out. Hope you enjoy the update and get things done with GoodTask. :slight_smile:

Revised Goals page

: Manage your long-term goals
: Now separated with Categories/Month/Year/All-time
: Each category including overview can have all-time, year and month goals
: Tapping arrows will let you rotate through categories or previous/next date.
: Tapping circle button between the arrows will bring back to overview or current date.

New Font Size settings

: Settings - Appearance - Font size with Better adjustment options

Tag related improvements

  • New Text Snippets: #, @. Moves tag to Notes field
  • New Settings: 'Tag: Type' on 'Settings - Sort' - All, Fetch only #, only @, #,@
    : If you don't set tags in 'Sort Options: Tag', it'll fetch according to this settings. 'Bring tags from settings' will follow this settings too.

Other improvements

  • Text writing pop-up page adjusted
  • Refresh action added on Reports Page's Daily - More button
  • /listname text snippet order bug fixed
  • Open URL button on Widget does not show on compact modes
  • Keyboard Shortcut for Focus Button inside task detail page has changed from CMD-] to CMD-'

Other bug fixes and improvements included. Thanks a lot and I wish you happy holidays. :slight_smile:

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The update speed you manage to keep is simply unparalleled. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Absolutely. On the other hand, Microsoft had bought out a full featured task manager (Wunderlist) and in over five years since, didn't even manage to bring their resulting ToDo product on par with the old app. The speed and quality of development of GoodTask is nothing short of amazing. Just wish there was a Windows or Web version....

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