GoodTask v6.3 Release Note

GoodTask v6.3 is rolling out. Hope you enjoy the update and get things done with GoodTask. :slight_smile:

Revised Goals page

: Manage your long-term goals
: Now separated with Categories/Month/Year/All-time
: Each category including overview can have all-time, year and month goals
: Tapping arrows will let you rotate through categories or previous/next date.
: Tapping circle button between the arrows will bring back to overview or current date.

New Font Size settings

: Settings - Appearance - Font size with Better adjustment options

Tag related improvements

  • New Text Snippets: #, @. Moves tag to Notes field
  • New Settings: 'Tag: Type' on 'Settings - Sort' - All, Fetch only #, only @, #,@
    : If you don't set tags in 'Sort Options: Tag', it'll fetch according to this settings. 'Bring tags from settings' will follow this settings too.

Other improvements

  • Text writing pop-up page adjusted
  • Refresh action added on Reports Page's Daily - More button
  • /listname text snippet order bug fixed
  • Open URL button on Widget does not show on compact modes
  • Keyboard Shortcut for Focus Button inside task detail page has changed from CMD-] to CMD-'

Other bug fixes and improvements included. Thanks a lot and I wish you happy holidays. :slight_smile:

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The update speed you manage to keep is simply unparalleled. Thanks. :slight_smile: